Playground equipment as the name suggests is meant for pleasure and play, such as seesaws and swings, in any outdoor location. Mostly it is used by children for playing and having swings around.

Playgrounds of many kinds and sizes provide opportunities for children to engage in physical activity. A fantastic playground’s vivid colors and fascinating combinations may interest youngsters in ways they won’t find anywhere else, allowing them to let their imaginations run wild. While playgrounds have developed throughout time to add more safety and accessibility elements, any kid-approved play facility will have many of the same characteristics.

Old Playground Equipment and Prices

Because of new safety rules, several types of playground equipment have fallen out of favour or terminology has become antiquated. Some types of equipment have been phased out entirely due to noncompliance with current safety regulations.

  • Merry-Go-Round

Merry-go-rounds are a popular playground staple that daredevils like testing to their limits. These enormous pieces of equipment allow children to jump on and spin around as quickly as they can by pushing against the ground to build speed. While this form of playground equipment is still very prevalent. Its average cost is $2000-$10,000.

  • Teeter-Totter

Also known as see-saws. The safest teeter-totter incorporates a spring center that prevents one rider from falling forcefully if the other rider slips off. Its average cost is $70.89.

  • Giant Stride

A tall pole is installed in the ground for the enormous stride. Ropes with ladder-like bars dangle from the ceiling for children to hold. The concept is that youngsters grab the bars with their lives and run around as quickly as they can, occasionally flying or hanging above the ground while spinning. Its average cost is $26.55.

  • Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are just a horizontal ladder supported by upright poles dangling above the ground. They let children to jump up and swing from bar to bar like chimps. Monkey bars were also a common element of bigger jungle gyms, allowing children to climb and swing in various directions. Its average cost is $2,100-$5,000.

  • Still Rings

Gymnastic rings, similar to the ones used in gymnastics and strung from long chains on playgrounds, are still very much a component of playgrounds. With shorter chains, they’re commonly referred to as therapeutic hand rings. Its average cost is $187. [1]

Modern Playground Equipment and Prices

Many new forms of playground equipment are available in today’s playgrounds, which aid in the development of coordination, strength, and critical thinking. To enhance pleasure, safety, and accessibility, they commonly include a combination of swings, slides, climbers, spring riders, and spinners.

  • Swings

The swing is the most fundamental component of a traditional playground. It’s a seat suspended from a metal frame by a strong chain or rope. It’s a classic tune that kids and adults alike will enjoy for years. We want everyone to experience the excitement of safely soaring through the sky, therefore we have a range of seats that can accommodate toddlers, babies, children, and adults. Its average cost is $2000.

  • Slides

There aren’t many playgrounds that don’t feature a slide of some kind or length. Children sprint to the top of the slide, where they slide down in a couple of seconds. Tunnel slides are popular among parents because they have no dangerous edges. Spiral slides are popular with kids because they rotate in an entertaining way. Spiral slides are a delightful addition to a traditional slide with a straight course. Its average cost is $1500.

  • See-Saws

We remember how much fun it was to play on a see-saw as children, and we want it to be available in all of our playgrounds. It’s not just for older kids to bounce back and forth; our various sizes let toddlers and even four-year-olds to join in the fun. Its average cost is $1700.

  • Playground Climbers

Climbers are getting increasingly popular over time. It’s easy to integrate and blend in with any playground because to the numerous designs that come in a range of forms, styles, and structures. They offer a contemporary touch to most playgrounds while also assisting youngsters in developing upper body strength. Its average cost is $1500-$1800.

  • Tubes

Any form of tube that youngsters can climb through qualifies. Tubes are a wonderful method for children to crawl and play at ground level while being safe. Tubes provide variety to a basic playground by allowing children to hide and play game. Its average cost is $1200-$1500. [2]

Brands – Manufacturers – where to buy

Manufacturers of playground equipment devote a significant amount of time and money to developing, producing, and installing play equipment that broadens your children’s horizons. Some of the leading manufacturers brand names include:

  • Playcraft Systems

Their goods are custom-made to fulfil the stringent requirements of commercial parks, school playgrounds, and recreation facilities. They also make a variety of themed play structures for people and groups that want to include creative theming into their play space.

  • GameTime

GameTime has been making commercial playground equipment, custom-themed play structures, park amenities, sports equipment, playground surface materials, and outdoor exercise equipment since 1929.

  • Eibe Play Limited

The firm has grown into a worldwide and dynamic play equipment producer known for creating extremely inventive and thought-provoking play structures. Their product line is divided into three categories: furniture, playground, sports, and toys.

  • Timberplay

Timberplay is a specialised playground equipment manufacturer with a solid reputation for bringing the “wow factor” to various outdoor settings with proven, durable play structures. This company can be reached out in United Kingdom, India and Middle East Countries.

  • Kidzlet

Kidzlet play structures has quickly risen to become one of the most recognizable names in the playground equipment and rubber flooring industries. The firm is situated in India, and its playground equipment designs are backed up by a team of highly qualified and experienced playground professionals. Kidzlet has never failed to set new quality standards for its clients.